Basics of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has been around a long time... perhaps even longer than Capitalism! In early Egypt, Pharaohs would compete with one another to see who could build the better monument(aka mouse trap). Ultimately, the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx won out. Who remembers the Luxor Temple anyway? Unless, you've been to Egypt no one. Most people think of the Luxor Hotel & Casino instead.

Being successful in entrepreneurship or business means you have to make a lasting impression. People(consumers) have to remember who you are, what you are, and definitely why they need you or your product/service. Can anyone say they still have a walkman or discman? Probably not, but everyone is familiar with the Ipod and if I'm not mistaken they are building Ipod ports and jacks into furniture now. I bet that the Ipod will be around for a long time and who knows maybe the Pyramids will get retrofitted one day with an Ipod dock so they can play 'Walk like an Egyptian' for the tourists.

What will be your lasting impression in the world of Entrepreneurship?

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