Essentials of Profitability

In an enterprise, a passion for profit is essential. Why? The only way we can increase our own time and money is by having other people give us some of theirs. Sounds similar to Capitalism... well it is! To win control of our time and money we need to understand and control relationships. Both time & money are the mediums of exchange and directly lead to the success or profitability of ANY business. The Key is having the correct balance of those pieces. Its like a kids see-saw... if one gets too heavy, then the other has a chance to fall off or fail. However, if both are correctly balanced, then you can enjoy a long time relaxing successfully.

Furthermore, profitability is measured even more on the mighty dollar and whether the lights can stay on...... you can talk about productivity, brand awareness, and global stuff... but as it always does everyone and every company is measured on their own individual ROI in dollars of course. I'm shooting for one googolplex which is 10 to the power of 100 or 10^100. Everyone must have thought google was just a silly name... instead it was appropiately named the largest website... funny how things work out. So get ready to hop on board the train... I'm moving on up....

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