Tips for Business Success! (Any Biz!)

1. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

2. Use a stopwatch/timer to focus your time in 60 minute blocks.

3. You must spend 90% of your time on MMA (money making activities).

4. Multi-tasking is not efficient, and lowers your IQ.

5. Avoid distractions at all costs, never answer the phone.

6. Create routines for everything you do. Everything must become a habit.

7. Take 10 minute breaks every hour-use the 50/10 rule.

8. Time management is a misnomer-You must manage yourself in time.

9. Exercise is vital-if you don’t do it you have no energy and get sick. Do it daily for maximum productivity. When you feel good, you do good. All top producers are in top shape.

10. Drink water and get fresh air every hour on the hour (it’s the elixir of energy) use your timer.

11. Eliminate energy robbers-Don’t eat junk food-it slows your brain down!

12. Get up and go to bed at the same time every day-This is the #1 rule of success.

13. Email Rule #1-Emails don’t make you money (NMA) Do them last and once a day only. Checking emails all the time is the biggest killer of productivity for any entrepreneur.

14. Email Rule #2-You should never spend more than 30 minutes on emails. Top producers who make 50K a month never spend more than 30 minutes daily on emails.

15. Plan your learning (training) and productivity as 2 separate activities.

16. Call Rule # 1- Make the call 2 minutes maximum, and get back on task.

17. Call Rule # 2-Block out 30-60 minutes for callbacks, prospecting, call-me-leads etc. Do it the same time every day.

18. Always schedule time for your family, your kids, and yourself. Having a balanced life is vital to prevent burnout.

19. Take your partner on a date every week to thank them for the sacrifice of building the business.

20. Get your entire family to buy into your vision.

Thanks Faye Correll!

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  1. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Brilliant... This is definitely going on the board and being reviewed at the start of each work day. Thank you!!!


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